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Some questions you might have:

1. How long does it take to make a 36" belled hole?

Answer: In average soil conditions and moisture- a 36" belled hole can be done in 4-6 minutes with NO back fill needed and with 18" @ ground level by a skilled operator.

2. How much dirt is left after using the auger attachment?

Answer: Maybe 2 handfuls in most soil types.

3. Do you have to go to a 36" hole, or can you stop at a smaller dimension?

Answer: Yes. You can stop from 18" to 36" depending on the building load that is required.

4. Are these bell auger attachments available for rent?

Answer: Yes. In the very near future, we will have sizes from 9", 12", 18", & 24" available to rent.

5. Can does it have to be a large skid steer to operate these bell auger attachments?

Answer: No. From a TL130 to TL150- You control the load, as the operator.

Please call 8-5pm CST if you have any other questions or concerns!!

Also, feel free to ask and chat with us online.

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