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My original shop that I built back in 1981 had rotted posts in just 20 years. It didn’t even last for me to pass on to my sons without basically rebuilding it. I never wanted to see that again in a building I’ve built. We’ve been building post buildings in our area for years now as a family business. We just kept perfecting our process for quality and speed. That’s why we believe so strongly in the Brute Force Bracket system. It gets the posts out of the ground and onto a solid level platform. It's the fastest most accurate way to build. It just fits with who we are as a family. We live in a small town and live by reputation and word of mouth. So, if you’re that type of builder too, we encourage you to use our system. We’ll treat you like we treat everyone, giving you our best. Please call us if you have any questions or need any help placing an order, we’re here to help.


- Skyler Timbrook

-Saylor Timbrook

-Joe Timbrook

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